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Union Square Condo

Grand Rapids, MI


This 5000 sf modern condo was designed and constructed in the stage / auditorium space of the old Union Square High School / Condo Conversion building in dowtown Grand Rapids, MI.  The layout incorpoates an open floor plan concept.  The kitchen and wine cellar stand above the now lighted stage panels as a dynamic backdrop.  The two story great room incorporates a refinished wood and concrete auditorium floor and a custom flat screen and projector for business meetings and presentations.



A pool table area, guest bedroom and laundry / bath were placed underneath the ‘floating’ master suite level.  Along with the kitchen and wine cellar, the stage area also houses a mini basketball court, 1/2 bath, elevator entry, and guest lounge overlooking a shared courtyard.  This unit is the perfect layout and location for urban living and entertaining.